Big Data Development

Big Data Development for Business

Big Data Development for Businesses

Big data is all about leveraging expansive, sometimes messy, data sets so that real organizations can solve a problem or achieve a unique competitive advantage. WBD can create a custom big data development solution for your business by providing expert technology assistance with;

  • Building “Datamarts” for marketing, financial, and operations.
  • Analyzing business opportunities.
  • Integrating and preparing internal data sources.
  • Leveraging existing Big Data stores.
  • Producing custom dashboards, reports, and alerts.

Where to Start on a Big Data Development Project

Where to start?

At the beginning of course. We work with your internal project stakeholders to craft a well rounded plan to achieve your business goals.

  • Identify the business challenges where big data can deliver the most impact.
  • Document and develop the new processes, required technologies, and personnel.
  • Create the business use cases and the desired results to solve the business challenges.

Developing a Big Data Solution

Developing the big data solution.

After the implementation plan has been created it’s time for the technical architects, analysts, and software engineers to swing into action.

  • Data sources are identified and documented in detail.
  • Analytics requirements are properly scoped and the BI (Business Intelligence) reporting engines are configured.
  • The technology platforms are installed and configured with the available data sources / datamarts.
  • Advanced Reports are created and your internal analysts can then build onto their predictive analysis.
  • Upon successful testing the solution is rolled-out to the organization.

WBD supports our clients big data initiatives exclusively with our Dedicated Teams model. Please contact a WBD representative to learn more about how we can assist your organizations big data needs.

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Our aim is to build things right the first time; every time. WBD continuously invests in our people, systems, software, processes, and training programs to achieve this goal.

We want our clients to have peace of mind and feel confident about their new software.

For this reason, WBD guarantees our work, period.

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