Data Science

Data Science

No matter how many meetings you have, reports you pull, or consultants you bring in, it still seems like something’s missing.

Your organization collects massive amounts of data, but it doesn’t drive decision-making and new initiatives the way you think it could.

We can help you harness your big data and use it to generate better forecasting, more targeted marketing, new products to develop, and more.

What is Data Science?

Google’s Cassie Kozyrkov makes it simple: “Data science is the discipline of making data useful.”

Although data science involves advanced statistics, data cleansing, coding skills, understanding business problems and countless other abilities, what really counts is what all those things produce:

Information you can use to improve your organization’s profitability, strategic direction and decision-making.

Benefits of Using Data Science

Data science takes on the once-impossible task of analyzing huge amounts of data, and uses what it finds to:

  • Forecast business challenges and the responses likely to make the most positive impact
  • Optimize ad and marketing spend by closely targeting your ideal audience
  • Leverage historical data to evaluate new business opportunities
  • Detect possibly fraudulent transactions
  • Identify promising areas for expanding your geographic footprint and sales
  • Use customer feedback to improve existing products and develop new ones

Data science can tackle these tasks and so many others. If you want to harness your data to help drive your business, it might be time to talk.

How to Get Started

Our data scientists can help your organization start solving your hardest business challenges and the ROI when you get it right is sure to put a smile on your CFO’s face.

At We Build Databases, we’ve been doing data science before there was a word for it. We understand how to make your database spill its guts and tell you what you need to know. Let us help you wrangle your data and build your competitive edge.


The WBD Guarantee

We aim to build things right the first time every time. You deserve peace of mind and should feel confident about your new software. We guarantee our work. Period.

Before we write a single line of code, we make sure we understand your data challenges so we can build a solution that meets your specific needs. We want to get everything right, from the software look and layout to the coding and framework that supports it. We take the time to learn who needs access to which types of data, so we can build in role-based permissions to restrict access and protect sensitive data.

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