The Data Mining & Research Team

Highly skilled professionals with vast experience and knowledge

Based on each project’s requirements, every engagement is assigned to a team that has the appropriate mix of resources and skillsets.


  1. A Project Manager will be your main point of contact throughout the entire process and will plan, coordinate, and manage resources and timelines.
  2. Internet Data Experts are vital to locating, extracting, and analyzing data from all over the internet. They have experience with countless data platforms (social media, open, etc) and will find the exact data each project requires.
  3. Calling & Surveying Agents collect data and conduct data research through phone calls or online/in person questionnaires and interviews. They are expert communicators since they engage with the public in order to extract information.
  4. Data Scientists are responsible for creating value out of data. They implement research best practices, explore innovative analytical solutions and alternatives, and use data visualization tools to turn data into useful intelligence for your business.
  5. Statisticians are responsible for the analysis of data and work closely with the data scientists. Teamwork, as well as thinking out of the box are their biggest assets.

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