Reports that are Useful and Easy to Understand

We tailor your system reports to your exact needs. WBD has many reporting options that will improve your business controls, help you answer ‘what-if’ questions, visualize your business data, and allow you to share attractive print-ready reports.

Interactive Reports

We make the reporting experience engaging and interactive for your users. This allows real people to better understand and visualize the information they are reviewing. Interactive reports allow your users to dive deep into the details or view a high-level summary.

Smart Filters

Reporting is even more useful with custom smart filters. We create custom smart filters for your business reporting needs. This includes filtering options such as modifying date ranges, business segments, product categories, regions, and summary roll-up reporting. Finally, we then apply a secondary sorting of information so users are able to quickly find the information they need.

Proactive Reporting

Do you spend a lot of time creating reports for customers and internal meetings? We create an application that will generate the information you need and have it waiting in your in-box. WBD creates reporting jobs that automatically run on your desired schedules and create the reports without a user pressing a button.

Alerts and Threshold Reporting

What if your software told you when a business event happened or did not happen? That’s what threshold reporting is all about. The application notifies your staff when specific business events happen via dashboard prompts, email alerts, and even text messages.

Advanced Analytics

Custom business intelligence reporting can help you avoid risks and take advantage of opportunities in real time. Advanced analysis techniques can be made simple through data visualizations.

Self Service Reports and Analysis

Give your staff, customers, and/or partners the tools they need to answer business questions. We create individual levels of access so that your users can see the information they need – and are restricted from information you do not want to share.

Custom Analysis

There are times when your users may want to export system data for further analysis. We build exporting functions custom to your business requirements. Whether you want just a slice or all the system data; we can prepare custom exports such as Excel, CSV, XML, and other formats that allow you to do even more with your data.

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