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J3Tech Solutions, is a leader in funeral and cemetery services. Using a technical approach, J3 works to better the experience for families and funeral home owners.


J3Tech Solutions came to We Build Databases with a need to better connect families and friends during the time of a loved one’s passing. A custom application using data warehouse integration compiles all funeral itineraries and allows people a digital space to share photos, memories, create events and send out invitations to social media contacts through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also allows invitations to be sent to email contacts, as well as SMS.

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“The pandemic has made the celebration of a loved one’s life a nightmare. The creating of Sharebly will save countless others the heartache of having to cut down the guest list. JCG alongside families everywhere love Sharebly.”

– Lori S.

  • Data Warehouse Integration
  • Database Development
  • Digital Tributes
  • Industry-Wide Solutions
  • National Audience
  • Easy to Use Tools
  • Single Sign-On
  • Integration with 1,000+ Businesses
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile/SMS Messaging
  • Custom Alerts
  • Administrative Controls for Data and Reporting Access
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