Get Data Into Your Custom Application

Custom Business Rules for Storing Data

If you need to ensure only good, clean data goes into your online application, We Build Databases creates custom business logic and ensures your data integrity. Data uploaded from spreadsheets or 3rd party APIs must pass a set of custom validation rules (based on your unique criteria). If there are errors, the system will quarantine the records and let the users know exactly what needs to be changed for a successful import.

Spreadsheet Software Embedded Within Your Web-Based Application

Does your organization require a centralized, web-based software solution that allows for real-time collaboration amongst your users? We Build Databases can help! We have built a custom, online spreadsheet software that is intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible via an internet connection. Think Google Sheets/Excel built specifically for your organization and tailored to your unique requirements.

Ditch the Keyboard; Custom QR Code Generation

If you need a no contact form or online survey, We Build Databases can help you build it. Upon scanning a custom QR code, a webpage will automatically open and prefill users’ data from their phones with zero contact.

Copy and Paste Functionality to Custom Online Application

Do you need a quick and easy way to copy data from an Excel spreadsheet and ingest it into your custom online application? We Build Databases creates unique methods for quickly and easily getting data into SQL databases. The process is as easy as one, two, three!

Custom Data Workflows

We Build Databases builds custom online applications that direct a User through their day-to-day workflow processes with data validation logic, variable status triggers, and dynamic call-outs. If your organization has established business requirements, we can tailor-fit your data which ensures your Users have the tools they need within the application to get the job done!

+ Your Data Visualizations with Mapping Integration

We Build Databases integrates third-party technologies, such as Google Maps or OpenStreet, to enhance understanding and make better decisions. If your organization requires address data validation, mapping visualizations, interaction with data points via an online mapping tool, or advanced mapping toolsets; we can help! Our team is highly-skilled in architecture, development, and deploying these features for your organization.

Custom Excel Import and Online Data Validation

We Build Databases helps you wrangle your Excel data via imports. We do this through custom import validation rules and insertion logic to keep your information accurate according to your organization’s custom business logic. Your data will be centrally located and ready for review and reconciliation by your internal teams.

“We aim to build things right the first time. You deserve peace of mind, so we guarantee our work. Period.”

- Dan Reynolds, Founder We Build Databases -

Before we write a single line of code, we make sure we understand your data challenges so we can build a solution that meets your specific needs. From the software look and layout to the coding and the framework that supports it.

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