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Your business has a database, but does it really meet your needs? If your database needs to be faster, more secure, or perform more functions, you need to work with our team and let us help you convert your Excel and Access files to a SQL database.Whether you are looking to increase efficiency or easily analyze numbers, converting to a SQL database is a great choice.

Convert SQL Database



Are your existing Excel and Access files a cluttered, chaotic “mess”? We Build Databases can help assist with producing a custom database solution.

 Convert SQL Database the Right Way

Making Complex Conversions Simple
Data conversions can be complicated, confusing, and messy, so you need an expert who can make sure everything is properly converted, organized, and accessible. If you have a large amount of spreadsheets or old Access database files, we bring them together, compile the data, and produce a custom database solution. Whether you have existing data in Excel, Access, or any other platform, we can take your information and convert it to a usable, reliable SQL database.

“Rebuilding” Your Existing Database
Do you have an existing database that doesn’t quite meet your needs? We can help! We’ll take your existing data and create a database that you can use. You’ll be amazed by the advantages of a custom-built SQL database from our team.

Advantages of a New SQL Database
If you waste valuable time on data collection and manually creating reports, worry about losing data, or are concerned about your data security, you will benefit from a new SQL database.

There are many advantages to converting to a new SQL database. Whether you currently have a different database system or want to improve your current SQL database, we’ll make sure your new system is easier to use. With our conversion services, you can have a SQL database that has better security, runs faster, and is scalable (long-term) for your business.

Convert Your Database to SQL

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