Convert Excel/Access to Web

We take your existing Excel spreadsheets / Access databases and then turn them into a secure web based application.

Excel is used by almost every major business organization in the world.  It’s used for everything under the sun; a calculator, list management, forecasting, etc.   Because its use is so wide spread, it is a great piece of software.

There are limitations though.  When the businesses starts growing, volumes and activities increase, the number of employees and customers increase.  That’s when it is time to take your existing spreadsheets and create a secure, centralized, web database application.

Excel Pro’s

  • Good for one off tasks
  • Wide usage
  • It’s the market leader for spreadsheet software

Excel Con’s

  • Not centralized for customer and staff users
  • Lacks data integrity
  • Data storage limitations
  • Users can accidentally overwrite or corrupt data
  • Version control
  • Learning curve for advanced macros
  • System compatibility
  • Files are not updated in real time
  • Not secure

WBD specializes in combining all your existing data sources which includes Excel spreadsheets, Access Databases, customer data, financial data, and operations data. We take this information and create a secure, easy to use web application tailored for your customers and internal departments.

A secure database application is accessible via any web browser / tablet and frees you to focus on your business – not the business of updating and distributing Excel spreadsheets.

The benefits of having our company tailor a custom web application for your business are vast.

Convert Access to Web

Benefits of a Custom Web Database Application

  • Centralized information.  Always up to date.
  • User permissions.    Control what users can view and features they can use.
  • Rich reporting.  Professional and interactive reports.
  • Workflow tools.  Tailored to your unique processes and procedures.
  • Advanced logic.  Automate and perform advanced functions.
  • Crunch a lot of numbers – Quickly.  Superior throughput and speed.
  • Portable.  Users can access information 24/7.
  • Scalable.  No storage limitations and allow for expansion.
  • Backed up.  Automatic back-ups of your data.

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