About Us

Creative Solutions

We Build Databases creates world class web, mobile, and database applications with the track record to prove it.

Professional Team

Our experts have provided efficient, custom solutions to almost any industry imaginable.

Diverse Approach

We Build Databases utilizes a proven three phase process to provide an efficient, easy to use solution for any organization.

Detailed Reports

Detailed reporting ensures accountability, proper management of resources, and performance improvement.

Solving complex data problems

The Fastest Way
to Achieve Success

Solving complex data problems that truly add value toward your business objectives requires a whole host of domain expertise that can take on many forms. From understanding business strategy to evaluating your technical infrastructure to expertise in data analytics, design, visualization, and more.

The We Build Databases team ensures to provide best-in-class consulting, database development, software engineering, and creative design. We work with our clients to build the tools and onboard the capabilities that enable their organizations to achieve results.

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We Build Databases

Database Design, Development, Visualization, and More

We are thinkers

Database Design

Before we write a single line of code, we make sure we understand your data challenges so we can build a solution that meets your specific needs. We want to get everything right, from the look and feel of the software and its ease of use, to the coding and scalable framework that supports it. We take the time to learn who needs access to which types of data, so we can build in role-based permissions to securely share sensitive data.

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We are builders

Database Development

Once your database is designed, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and start building it.

We begin with data architecture and data migration–which means we devise a structure to store your internal and external data in the framework of the new application. During this process, we apply business logic, validate the data, and so much more!

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We are dreamers

Data Visualization

Data visualizations typically fall into one of two categories: they’re either explaining a process or structure, or they’re making large amounts of data digestible and consumable so any existing trends or relationships become clear.

If you’ve ever seen a flowchart of a complex process, such as a lengthy regulatory or permitting process, you’ve seen the first type of visualization.

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