Database Security

Database SecurityApplications can be at risk for intrusions and security threats when they are not properly secured. At WBD, we define the security protocols prior to development to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Risk Assessment and Authentication
  • Authorization and Access Control
  • Session Management
  • Data Definitions and Input Validation
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Command Injection Flaws and Buffer Overflows
  • Error Handling
  • Remote Administration
  • Web Application and Server Configuration

Database Security

We determine the level of risks that could be posed to a particular application by answering the following questions:

  • Which applications could be affected by the potential security threat?
  • Who are the users of the application(s)? Are these users at risk?
  • Should additional security packages be integrated into the solution? If so, what are the requirements of this additional authentication?
  • Where will the application live? Is it protected?
  • Will any data considered “sensitive” or “confidential” be transmitted externally?
  • If the application was compromised would it result in financial loss to the corporation?
  • What would motivate someone to break into the application?

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